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Commercial real estate agency "IVER"


If you need to buy, sell, exchange, take or lease commercial property in Lviv and Lviv region, we are always happy to give you expert advice, to place on our website information about the object, pick up a few best options and offers advise on the status commercial real estate in the region

We offer the widest choice of commercial real estate ads on our site www.iver.com.ua: by 2010 

In an exclusive database of real estate, our real estate agency "IVER" offers exclusive photocatalogue properties, which allows you to select yourself plenty of options for sale and lease of commercial real estate: warehouses, shops, offices, restaurants, cafes, car, hotels, cottages, houses or land plots, apartments and many other destinations in real estate. All commercial proposals put online in 2010 and updated daily. 

Agreement between the commercial real estate agency and our client enables you to quickly find the real estate options set parameters that would have arranged it, and the widest real estate advertising in the media and the Internet, which in turn allows you to quickly find a buyer or tenant. 

An additional advantage is that we share the database with many realtors and the city's leading real estate agencies through cooperation, which specialized in commercial real estate. Thus, our ability to increase the amount of information hundreds of times. 

Commercial real estate agency "IVER" validates documents of title, development agreements under the peculiarities of each client, acts of Acceptance of the properties of the object photofixation at the time of lease, held by a qualified lawyer and notary, which guarantees the security of our customers than their eliminates the unnecessary problems and disputes in the future. 

Customers request the commercial real estate agency "IVER" through cooperation with our partners can use their services, including: 
We offer a wide range of services for building and reconstruction in Lviv, installation of security systems for houses: alarms, video surveillance, Internet network, code locks, telephone networks and many others. And the full range of reinsurance services from our partners in Ukraine . 

Companies with whom we work have valid licenses and work experience, applying for services in these firms from the commercial real estate ahenstvava "IVER" you will receive additional discounts and save time. Hand search of relevant options for buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate professionals! 

If you are interested in working with us, by your use of the commercial real estate agency "IVER" ready to meet with you and further define the conditions for cooperation.


We are waiting for you and for your suggestions!







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